When we look back at our history, has there been a time (or examples) when our people had a wrong belief about something on a mass level? I’m sure your answer would be a resounding yes!
That said and while our society has greatly developed, could it be possible that maybe we could be wrong about some beliefs today?
I’m sure your answer would be another resounding yes.
You see some of us walk through life like zombies.
They don’t know the biases that affect them.
They fear the unknown or social justice and so subscribe to the what the herd believes.
But this can be dangerous because data from past events shows the herd can be wrong.
Thescripton.com is just here to create a platform for people to share unbiased opinions or perspective on various social issues in a way that’s unique from what is shared out there (thought-provoking, unbiased, etc).

The goal here is not to get people mindlessly triggered or engage in arguments which are usually unproductive, but to engage in a rational and unbiased discussion that perhaps may help educate everyone.

Thescripton was started in 2014 by Giovanni Olakunori.

His parents –both university graduates at the top of their field— were ardent Christians and held important positions in a church.

They tried their best to instil their beliefs upon their children. You weren’t necessarily allowed to have your own opinion or think for yourself otherwise you’d get punished or scared with the danger of going to “hell fire.”

The results? Giovanni had questions he couldn’t ask and was forced to accept things he was sceptical about.

As he grew older and began to see reality not from the illusion Ihe thought it was but for what it actually is and is determined to give people the red pill.